The Paradox of Teaching

What if it is impossible for me to teach my clients or my kids anything? Clients come to financial advisors hoping to make changes to improve their financial lives. Most people want to reach a point when they can stop working and maintain their lifestyle. In the meantime, they need to make current decisions onContinue reading “The Paradox of Teaching”

Experiencing Experiences

Once upon a time, I thought life is all about experiences and actions I take. However, as I seek out new experiences and different things to do, I found that experiences for their own sake didn’t give me the feeling of fulfillment that I seeked. Some Background My father, having grown up without his fatherContinue reading “Experiencing Experiences”

The Spirit of Communication

It is not just what I’m saying, it is who I’m being. Over the past 6 years, I’ve spent a lot of effort learning about interpersonal communication, coaching and relationships. While I recognize that attaining mastery in anything is a lifelong process, I’ve always taken pride in how much I’d improved my communication skills. ThatContinue reading “The Spirit of Communication”

The Light Beyond Fears

Fear is a good thing. In our society, fear is generally considered to be bad and something to be avoided or overcome. To be clear, I am not referring to fear as a result of brain chemical imbalance or when there’s imminent physical danger. Fear aversion makes instinctual sense; our brain and body are designedContinue reading “The Light Beyond Fears”

A Storybook Life

At the end, we are the stories we remember. Someone once said that life is mostly made up of unmemorable blurs, accented by a few significant moments that we remember. These moments are important because our past helps inform how we see and identify ourselves. We recall these moments as stories in our minds, whetherContinue reading “A Storybook Life”


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