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Hi! I’m Joseph and here are my thoughts.

I’ve always been very interested in how we experience reality and what it would take for us to live better/funner/more fulfilling lives. Here are my musings on this topic, as well as thoughts about wealth, communication, relationships, fine dining, and travel.

A Little Bit About Me

I was born in Taiwan, the same year that my father started his business. Due to political tension between Taiwan and China, my brother and I were sent to the States, during elementary school, to stay with family/friends. For much of my life, the family business was quite successful so I grew up without having to think about money or how I’d make a living. On the other hand, I’ve had to live with judgement from myself and others about living an “entitled” life.

Sadly, during the economic craziness of the early 2000s, we lost our family business & fortune overnight. I started working in corporate finance, eventually becoming a finance exec at a high-tech firm.

While it took over a decade of 80-hour workweeks for me to reclaim a semblance of the life I once knew, I was suffering – in health, in my relationships, and in my enjoyment of life.

Luckily, I had hired a financial life planner. In addition to working on investments and financial projections, she helped bring my unconscious beliefs into my awareness. Our work together gave me the clarity and urgency to seek a life both responsible and fulfilling.

Today, I’ve become a financial life planner myself. Professionally, I am fascinated by how we can cultivate healthy relationship with wealth so that wealth serves to elevate the quality of our lives. Personally, I’ve come to believe our experiences in life are heavily influenced by our awareness of what’s important to us right now and our willingness to do something about it.

On this site, I will post my musings as I think about these things while experiencing life.

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