We Can’t Do a Don’t

During the course of our lives, there will be times, perhaps lasting decades, when many of us find ourselves in stress and conflict much more consistently than living in joy. At those times, life can seem a constant stream of challenges – work is annoying, relationships are dull or unsatisfying, money is a worry noContinue reading “We Can’t Do a Don’t”

Moving Mountains by Being Still

How do I accept another person as they are while helping them avoid mistakes in their life? I’ve long learned that everyone wants recognition and acceptance for who they are. That’s something I long for and I’m frustrated when I feel judged negatively by others who do not have context. This goes for people tellingContinue reading “Moving Mountains by Being Still”

Heirloom and Legacy

Today, during a hide-n-seek game with her friends, our 11-old daughter fell while running. Her momentum carried her knee right into a 300-year old jade antique, smashing our most expensive heirloom into pieces. Upon seeing the shattered jade sculpture on the ground, my mind flooded with so many emotions it went blank. The sadness ofContinue reading “Heirloom and Legacy”